Rolling with the Punches

Beginning something you have every intention of finishing is a journey. The start line is something that you have been waiting for, a goal that you’ve been wanting to accomplish. But not all races are created equal.

It may embarrassing and definitely has the potential to hurt your pride, but there are times when quitting a race – or not showing up at all – is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.

Not Completing the Training

So, you’ve signed up for a race, potentially under duress or on a wild whim. Race day sneaks up you, but life has gotten in the way and you were not able to train as planned. Rather than winging it and rely on grit and determination on the day, be brave and sit it out.

Feeling Unwell Whilst Running

If you feel ill, or sprain your ankle, or have really bad cramps during a race, you need to listen to your body. If you don’t feel well enough to continue, then don’t.

Coming Back from an Injury

You’ve just healed from an injury that kept you on the side lines. The excitement of the race is too enticing, but take it slowly and make sure you’re back in your natural groove before stepping over that start line.

Sickness gets the Better of you

Running with a mild cold for example is usually alright, but running when you are really sick can compromise your immune system even more, delaying complete healing.


Do you get the ‘Fear of Missing Out’? There will always be other races and your wellness is far more important. You can always ace another day.

The Right Preparation for Racing

You should train both your body to get ready for a race and also your mind. The right mindset is only halfway to the finish line. If you’re heading to a race with the thought of not going to finish, you probably won’t. 

If you find yourself struggling, then simply slow down and think about how long you have been training for the race – put the pain you’re feeling on a scale next to the hard work you have already put in. Is it worth it quitting? Is it your mind that is messing with you?

It’s just a race, there will be more races, at least you have legs and you can walk to the finish.

Health is Wealth

Of course it is super disappointing to train so hard for a goal and then out of the sudden you’re not able to make it. It’s better to come back stronger instead of hurting yourself. 

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Deciding to stop because of an injury for example is a smart move. It actually shows that you’re taking care of your own health and are able to put your pride aside. 

That DNF (Did Not Finish) will leave a mark for sure, but you’ll also know why this happened to you. So next time you’ll be smarter about it and avoid mistakes you may have done that have led you to the DNF. Meaning you’ll come back stronger.

Mudskipper Challenge is not a race, everyone’s a winner. Whether you walk, run, or take a nap halfway through, as long as you cross the finish line, you get to share in the glory of completing an OCR. There are no timekeepers, results, or outward metrics of success. It’s the perfect event for those who are just fit enough all the way to the ultra-fit.

We may have not made it to the start line this year, but you better believe that we will come back stronger and better prepared next year and look forward to seeing you on that start line as determined as we are.

Stay Safe. Stay Well. Stay Strong.