Getting fit is challenging. Keeping fit is hard. But your life will change.

Whether your idea of fitness is running a marathon or running for a bus, the benefits of improving your physical health is also key to boosting your mental and emotional health as well.

The team at #MudskipperChallenge share their top benefits of keeping fit:

1. Kick Bad Habits

Life has a lot to answer to - there is always so much going on in a never ending cycle of ‘stuff’ to which the result is always to reach for another drink, take another bite to eat, watch just one more episode. In reality, there are only so many acceptable excuses.

Finding your way out of one bad habit can lead the way out of others. Working out regularly, in whichever form you choose, will set the right tone. Wake up, get home, put on your kit and work out. The reward is not only fitness, but guilt free pleasures (if you still want them).

2. Stop the Comparisons

In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, be your own competition. Do better than you did the last time and get the rush when you defeat your past self.

Of course there will always be times where you’ll look at someone else’s body or performance and want what they have, but the thing to bear in mind is that you don’t know what else is going on with them. The way to your own happiness is to keep pushing yourself, making your last personal best your opponent.

3. Lightbulb Moments

One of the best things about working out is that it gives you time in your own head. You have to think about yourself and what your body and mind are telling you. There is something about training and spending those moments with yourself that allows ideas to flow. Sometimes all it takes is being miles from home without a pen and paper to have that moment of genius!

4. Crave Better

When you start to exercise more, your body craves better fuel. Items previously viewed as diet staples or faddy foods suddenly become appealing and sometimes the preferred choice. Your body is amazing at knowing what is best and your relationship with food will change in sync with your fitness.

5. More Motivation

Reaching small goals is incredible for your confidence. Reaching big goals is great for resilience. The more goals you reach, the more goals you will want to set and not just within the realms of fitness. Working out will not only improve your wellbeing, but can have a positive affect on your career, relationships and overall outlook on life.

6. Mindset

This is a principle we talk a lot about at Mudskipper and is core to our beliefs. A lot of people feel weak and incapable at the start of their journey. But the more you work on getting stronger, the more you can do physically. Furthermore, the more physically able you are, the more mentally capable you will become.

The confidence you get from exercise is not just vanity. Yes it’s great enjoying the way you look and the progress you have made, but the fitter you get, the further you can push you body and it reminds you of how to better tackle other challenges. Knowing you can reach your fitness goals creates a can-do attitude towards anything, which is needed when things inevitably get tough.

Your relationship with yourself, your body, with food…can all be better. Fitness teaches you to love your body, not for what it looks like but for what it can achieve.

Join the #mudcrowd and tell us how fitness changed your life.