Anything is possible through hard work and determination.

Comparable to Tough Mudder and Spartan but because the course is permanent, the obstacles are bigger, better and more challenging, with less running, perfect for those new to the sport.

Mudskipper Challenge works your entire body, tests you at every turn and is a lot more fun than knocking out a few road miles or a gym session.

Mudskipper Challenge Course Map.png

* course route and/or obstacles are subject to change


Upper body.

Lower body.

Core strength.

Grit and determination.

At Mudskipper Challenge we fine tune the difficulty of our obstacles to create something you can't mimic in the gym, putting people through experiences that are unfamiliar and testing them mentally and physically.


Fun and a bit intimidating but with the overall atmosphere at the forefront, we create challenging experiences that inspire people to overcome obstacles while believing that life’s better when battled.